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London Defiance 2 ( Hydra )

Team created by our beloved leaders from new players from around London and the South. Now in our fourth year which continues to bring fresh players into the squad and a new direction from our managers in the form of a second team with ambitions closer to home. A great bunch of guys with BIG ambitions and plenty of ability.

Team Name: London Defiance 2 ( Hydra )

NSPL Division: Div 3

Team Location: London and South East

Training Ground: Bricket Wood Training Grounds

Web Site: http://

Our History:
Players in the squad are a mix of new blood and some experienced players who have been with the Defiance family for a while.

Our Approach to the Game:
Train hard, play harder. Have some fun and win with maximum style and respect.

Current Sponsors: Tanked, GI Sportz, LiPS and Seventh Element

NSPL 2010 - Round One 2010, 1st Place NSPL 2010 - Round Five 2010, 1st Place NSPL 2010 - Round Six 2010, 2nd Place 

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Demolition Squad Wrote:
Well done guy's you all played brilliantly. also a big hand for your pit crew they all run thier little socks off. see you all soon. Pete.
Received on: 2009-07-26 20:52:16
Demolition Squad Wrote:
Marco, you are 1 in a milion mate thanks for your help, i owe you 1. Pete
Received on: 2009-04-03 21:58:31
Demolition Squad Wrote:
Marco, with your record you won't be shooting anyone. haha. See you soon bud.
Received on: 2009-02-27 17:52:48
NSPL Team Wrote:
Thanks for your support in 2009 Defiance - good luck in Division One! :)
Received on: 2009-02-27 17:19:56
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Marco Morgan

Off-Field Captian. Proud to be playing with Defiance. Back line and insert player. If theres a job to be done, go and do it yourself.

To find out more about this team captain, click here.

Marco Morgan
Steven Mooney
Tim Berman
John Wheeler
Garry Williams
James Barrett
Kerim Salih
Reece Bradley
Jason Wong
Kevin Wong
Luke Glover
Wesley Cann
Kasey Kilday

2009 NSPL Season Results

Played in NSPL Division: 1

Team NameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7 TotalFinal Position
London Defiance-1 / 60 / 52 / 84 / 16-0 / -4 07 / 314th

2008 NSPL Season Results

We have no results for this team from the 2008 NSPL Season.

2007 NSPL Season Results

We have no results for this team from the 2007 NSPL Season.

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